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Brooke receives "Making a Green Difference" award!

The Massachusetts House of Representatives has awarded Brooke Leifer the "Making a Green Difference" award for her song `One Earth' and doing her part in making our world a better place!  She received the award after her performance at the 2015 Green Schools Summit at Boston University.

Brooke's Music!

Brooke Leifer - Share the Love

Brooke sings National Anthem at Boston Garden!

Brooke Leifer - K. Clarkson Cover (Piece by Piece)

Have Mercy

The National Anthem @ Fenway

One Earth

We Keep Shining

CHPS Tour Video

Make a Heart

MKTO - 'Classic'

Mariah Carey - 'All I Want For Christmas is You

Merry Merry Christmas Tonight

Wings (Cover)

Love Letter

Star-Spangled Banner

Journey to the Past (Live Cover)

Brooke on Social Media